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Q: What can you take?  What can you not take?

A: We take anything that two people can handle such as, but by no means limited to wood, drywall, ceramic, furniture, couches, appliances, garage junk, dirt, and grass.  The only exceptions to the rule are paints and other hazardous materials.

Q: If you can’t take hazardous waste, what can I do with it?

A: There are many places set up to handle various dangerous materials.  For example, paints can be returned to your local renovation center for recycling.  Tires and used motor oils can be taken to most local service garages to be disposed of in an appropriate fashion.  For full details, please contact a ECO-COLLECTE by e-mail or telephone and a member of our team would be happy to answer any questions.

Q: What do you do with electronic waste, also known as e-waste?
A: Electronic items, particularly televisions and computer monitors, are taken to a licensed electronics recycling facility where they are dismantled and the individual components are re-used or disposed of an an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Q: Why can’t I be given an exact price on the phone?

A: Because our rates are based on space taken up in our trucks and everyone’s junk is different, we can’t give a price without seeing the items to be removed.  For an exact price, please book a free estimate and a member of our team would be glad to come and give you an evaluation.

Q: If my junk is outside, do I have to be home for you to come by and pick it up?

A: Not at all!  We can come by whenever you’d like and can talk with you over the telephone to confirm everything.

Q: What do you do with everything you pick up?  

A: Anything that is still in a condition to be re-used is taken to a local charity, church group or school.  Everything else is taken to an appropriate recycling facility such as an Eco-Centre.

Q: Why should I choose ECO-COLLECTE instead of a dumpster?

A: Because ECO-COLLECTE does everything for you!  We do all the lifting and loading so you don’t have to.  Also, you only pay for the space you take up in the truck, instead of paying for the whole container even if it’s not full.  Finally, our team will arrive onsite, do all the work and leave in the same day, without leaving an unsightly dumpster on your property for days at a time.